Torts R Us: A Legal Farce, A Laugh-Out-Loud Satirical Novel on the American Legal System, Publishes Today

T.C. Morrison’s first book, Torts R Us: A Legal Farce, is available on Amazon starting today. In the book, Morrison, a renowned trial and appellate lawyer for almost 50 years who has been described as the “dean of false advertising litigation,” humorously explores the modern American legal system through a series of bizarre lawsuits.

The book satirizes our modern legal system from a variety of absurd angles, featuring wacky lawsuits, venal plaintiffs, double-talking trial lawyers, and much more.  From a case involving lap dancers at three gentleman’s clubs — “Tops Down,” “Bottoms Up” and “Below the Belt” — to another with a defendant accused of shooting at geese with an “assault weapon,” the book bounces around from hilarious case to hilarious case. The best part? Each one is derived from real court cases, some from Morrison’s own legal career.

The legal world is already embracing the book. Maureen Bateman, former General Counsel of United States Trust Company and also General Counsel of State Street Bank and Trust Company, says, “I recommend this book absolutely – it treats our human condition with humor and laughter, while making some important points about our legal system!”

Harry Woods, a renowned trial lawyer and former President of the Oklahoma Bar Association, agrees: “Torts ‘R Us is highly readable and entertaining.  From beginning to end, the farce flows brilliantly. It hooks the reader early on, and Morrison sustains the high level of humor and spoofing, page after page, masterfully presenting factual situations and characters, who communicate with a sustained flow of unusually humorous plays on names, words and concepts.”

After graduating from New York University Law School where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar, T.C. Morrison helped Patterson Belknap pioneer the field of false advertising litigation. Many of his cases in this field, as well as the field of trademark and trade dress infringement, have become landmarks.

Published by iBooks, an imprint of J Boylston & Company, Publishers, Torts R Us: A Legal Farce is a must-read for any lawyer, law student, tort reformer or anyone else that likes to laugh. You can learn more about Torts R Us: A Legal Farce at and purchase the book on Amazon.

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