Robot Butt: Send In The Tort Lawyers: T.C. Morrison On Legal Satire and his New Novel

Following my graduation from NYU Law School, I spent four years in the Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps; conducting dozens of court-martial trials, I quickly learned how to try (and sometimes how not to try) cases. I then spent 45 years with a series of three New York City law firms where I tried cases and argued appeals throughout the country for major corporations in the pharmaceutical and consumer products field. 

Now, I have always loved novels and had always wanted to write one.  In fact, when I was in the Air Force I wrote a “spy” novel; fortunately, the three publishers I sent it to all turned it down. So, when I was a year away from retirement, I began thinking of writing a novel about a field I actually knew something about: modern American litigation. From the start I wanted it to be a satire; I had no desire to write yet another legal thriller—they’re a dime a dozen—or a serious book about the law that no one would read.

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