Torts “R” Us: A Legal Farce Serves up Humor with no Known Side Effects except Uncontrollable Laughter  

New York, New York – (December 21, 2020) – Approvals for the Covid-19 vaccine continue to accelerate, but in the meantime health experts are emphasizing episodes of laughter, dubbed as “giggle breaks” to boost the immune system. The Mayo Clinic, a worldwide leader in medical care, endorses the heightened importance of oxytocin released through laughing to reduce stress, tension, pain and anxiety (Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke – Mayo Clinic). Author T.C. Morrison’s newly released book, Torts “R” Us provides just that – smiles for a stretch of time.

“I wrote the book because humor plays a role, even in the darkest of times,” said Morrison. “Large swaths of the population have been living in isolation and I believe people are ready for a different dose of humor. We have read enough about overeating and marital bickering. Humor can unite a generation – I hope my book plays a small part in the bigger picture.”

Receiving rave reviews on Amazon, this legal farce authored by Morrison, a renowned trial and appellate lawyer for almost 50 years, humorously explores the modern American legal system through a series of bizarre lawsuits. The book satirizes our legal system from a variety of absurd angles, featuring wacky lawsuits, venal plaintiffs, double-talking trial lawyers, and much more. From a case involving lap dancers at three gentleman’s clubs — “Tops Down,” “Bottoms Up” and “Below the Belt” — to another with a defendant accused of shooting at geese with an “assault weapon,” the book bounces around from hilarious case to hilarious case.

The reviews have been piling in! One reader writes, “Torts “R” Us provides welcome comic relief in these challenging times,” while another writes, “The author displays incredible humor, knowledge and intelligence. He marries the nostalgia of times past with the ridiculousness of times present in a manner that evokes pure, uninhibited laughter.”

Timed appropriately for the holidays and for many still sheltering-in place, the book is one antidote for improving good health. Torts “R” Us is a must-read for any lawyer, law student, tort reformer or anyone else that likes to laugh. You can learn more about Torts “R” Us: A Legal Farce at or purchase the book exclusively on Amazon. The author is also available for interviews and is a dynamic speaker.

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