Tom Morrison talks to The Morning Juice Podcast

What’s better than one Tom? How about two! On this week’s episode of The Morning Juice, kglobal’s Tom Frank was joined by our client Tom Morrison who recently published his second book Please Pass The Tort$. The Toms talked all things torts and false advertising law. If you want more of Tom Morrison, we worked with the New York Post on a recent book review ( or you can check out his book on Amazon.

Podcast Interview: T.C. Morrison on “Bold & Blunt”

T. C. Morrison was interviewed by The Washington Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley on her podcast, “Bold & Blunt.” Listen below to hear Morrison’s take on how frivolous lawsuits tie-up the legal system and distract from the necessary litigation that serves the greater public good.

Episode: “Tort Troubles, and the Padding of Lawyers’ Pockets”

Episode description: “The state of America’s legal system, including its abundance of costly, oft-frivolous class action suits, has left the defendant in the dust, the plaintiff in near-poverty, and citizens paying to pad Big Lawyers’ pockets. Tom “T.C.” Morrison has something to make us laugh — a “Torts ‘R’ Us” book of satire about the legal system that draws on his 50 years in the field. When all else fails, it’s good to laugh.”